Bidder’s Corner FAQs


How do I place a bid?

Once you are a registered buyer and a valid credit card has been placed on file, you will have the ability to place bids. Simply enter your zip code, city, or keyword in the search box to pull up the online self-storage auctions near you. Once you find a unit that you are interested in you can open the auction and either submit the suggested amount or enter your proxy or "max bid" amount in the “Bid Now” box. After you agree to the Terms of Use and confirm your bid amount, you have successfully placed a bid.

What is “Max Bidding/Proxy”?

As opposed to placing singular bids, in $10 increments, you also have the option of placing a “Max Bid”, which allows the system to bid for you. For example, if there is a unit that you are willing to pay $100 maximum for, but the current bid is only at $30, you can erase the current bid in the My Bid box and enter $100 as your max bid amount. Every time another bidder outbids you, the system will increase your bid amount in $10 increments until your max bid amount is reached.

I don’t remember my password. What do I do?

Please contact our Member Services Department at 480-900-8350 or by visiting our Contact Us page.
I forgot my username. How do I find it or reset it?

Your username is the email address you used to sign up for your account. If you need additional assistance, please contact our Member Services Department at 480-900-8350 or by visiting our Contact Us page.

Do facility employees enter the unit or move the items?

With respect to lien auctions, facility managers are only able to enter the unit for inventory or for legal purposes (to remove items such as weapons, drug paraphernalia, etc.). They do not tamper with the units, and often use a “tamper tag” and cut it in front of you, to demonstrate that the unit looks identical to how it was in the photos.

What do I do if the unit doesn’t match the photos?

The facility manager will cut the lock/tamper tag in front of you. The unit should look like the photos that were posted in the auction, as no one is supposed to enter the unit after the auction has started. If you win a unit and the contents do not match the photos, it is extremely important that you do not touch anything inside the unit. Once items have been touched or moved within the unit, the sale becomes final and the winning bidder is responsible for disposing of its contents. You must notify or contact the facility manager immediately to discuss a refund if there are any issues with the unit.

Can I pay the facility the remaining balance with a credit/debit card?

Although some facilities accept credit/debit cards, most facilities only accept cash as the method of payment. If you would like to pay the remaining balance with a method besides cash, we recommend that you contact the facility before driving to pick up the unit to see which payment methods they accept.

After I win the unit, what do I do?

After the auction closes, and you are the winning bidder, an invoice will be emailed to you with the remaining balance due and the facility’s contact information. We recommend that you call the facility right away and communicate when you will be paying for/cleaning out the unit. You must pay for and clean out the unit completely before the end of the 48 or 72 hours, as your bid was considered a legal binding contract.

Can I cancel my bid?

On, bids are considered legal binding contracts. You are not able to retract your bid once it is placed.

What is the “AVS Mismatch” error I am getting when updating my card information?

When uploading a debit/credit card to, you might receive an “AVS Mismatch” error message if the address you are providing on the site is not identical to the address your bank has on file for that card.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Every state differs in regards to their state lien laws, and whether tax should be included in the sale or not. You also may be exempt from sales tax if you have a seller’s license. If you have a reseller’s license, you must present it to the facility manager when you go to pay for the unit and they will subtract it from your total.

What do I do if I find personal items in the unit?

If you win a unit and find personal items (such as photos, legal documents, etc.), feel free to turn the personal items to the facility manager immediately. There is no obligation by law to do so as each sale is final. Any exchange of information or of unit contents will be facilitated by the facility manager, not

What do I do if I am the tenant?

On, we serve as the platform for the auction to be held. We do not interact with the unit directly or any items related to the tenant. You must contact the facility manager in regards to any personal items within the unit.

I won the unit, but the unit is filled with trash. Do I have to clean out the unit?

Most of the units sold on are lien units, meaning the tenant has fallen behind on their payments due to the facility and often is denied access to the unit until that debt is cured or the unit is sold in auction. All units posted on the website are final sale and sold as is. If you are the winning bidder, you must clean out the unit within the given time frame or your account with maybe suspended permanently.

Something came up, I can’t clean out the unit myself by the end of the 48 or 72 hours. Can my family member or friend pick up the unit for me?

Facilities will only release the unit to bidders whose names are present on the invoice. If you need someone besides yourself to pay for/pick up a unit you won, we recommend that you contact us via phone at 480-900-8350 immediately so we can either add the other person to your account with us or generate a new invoice to send to you and the facility manager.

How can the seller cancel the auction after the auction has closed?

The seller has the right to cancel the auction at any time up to the time the Buyer pays for the unit. If there is an issue with the photos, date and time, or unit description after the unit has been posted and bid on, the facility legally must cancel the auction and re-post it correctly. Also, as stated in the state lien laws, the tenant has the right to cure their account with the facility at any time up until the winning bidder pays for the unit in full.

How do I change the credit/debit card that I put on file when I registered?

Go to your dashboard and choose the Manage Payment Method icon and click to replace your existing card.

What do I do if my account was suspended?

If your account was suspended, you will need to wait until the suspension is over. Suspension usually last from 30 to 90 days.

How can I tell if I am the highest bidder?

Once you place a bid, you will be notified on the auction page as well as via email and text that you are the next highest winning bidder! You can always go to “Dashboard” > “Auction Information” to verify which units you are still the highest bidder on.

Where can I see what units I have bid on?

You can view the different units you have bid on anytime by going to your Dashboard and they will be under the current/active tab.

How do I cancel my account?

Is there anything we can do to prevent you from leaving the website? If not, please send us an email by visiting our Contact Us page please include your name, email, and contact information that states you would like your account with us to longer be active or please contact us via phone at 480-900-8350. Once we have written confirmation, one of our customer service representatives will notate and suspend the account.

How much does it cost to use the site?

There is no fee to view the listings for live and online auctions on However, if you want to bid on a unit you must create a bidder account with us and save a valid credit card on file. You have the option to register for a bidder account and pay a premium of 15% of each sale with a Standard Membership. However, if you register as a Executive member, for only $39.95/month you are exempt from the buyer premium of each sale.

What exactly is being charged to my card at the end of the auction?

As soon as the auction closes, and you are declared the winning bidder, you will receive an invoice that provides the facility’s contact information, charges made to your card, and the remaining balance due at the facility. Your card on file will be charged in accordance with your membership type.

If you have a Standard Membership, you will be charged 15% of the sales price for your buyer premium and sometimes a 10% deposit, depending on the facility's membership level. The 10% deposit will be subtracted from your balance due at the facility.

Being an Executive member, you will be exempt of the 15% buyer premium. Again, depending on the facility's membership the 10% deposit will still be charged and subtracted from the balance due at the facility.

Why is there a cleaning deposit?

The cleaning deposit ensures that the bidder will pay for and clean out the unit completely within the given clean-out time. If either of the two requirements are not followed, the bidder forfeits the cleaning deposit to the facility and their account will be permanently suspended on

What happens if I win a unit with a motorized vehicle?

A vehicle is defined by anything containing a motor, registration, license plate, or VIN number. (ex: car, boat, dirt bike, motorcycle, recreational "toy") Each facility is suggested to do an external lien search on said item before including it in the sale of the unit; however, to further protect yourself from any legal ramifications we always suggest AFTER obtaining the vehicle, locate the VIN number and contact your local motor vehicle department to conduct your own lien search. In the event the VIN does come back with an external lien, you are required to surrender said item to the appropriate party.

For more questions please contact us via phone at 480-900-8350 or by visiting our Contact Us page.

Date: 10-09-2017