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Seller's Corner

Step by Step

I. Create Your Account

Register as a Standard seller you will pay a 10% seller premium for each unit sold. You are never responsible for sending us monies, as your 10% will be collected from the winning buyer's card on file, and in turn they will bring you the remaining 90% of the closing price.

Register as a VIP seller and you will pay a monthly fee of $40 and retain 100% of the total winnings.

Set up a seller account as a General Manager, District Manager, Facility Manager, or as the Account Owner. If you need to add multiple locations, we ask that you contact Tony Johnson, our Sales Director at 480-900-8315.

II. Post Online Auctions

Once you have sent your lien notices, placed an ad in the paper/or completed any required legal advertising, you will be able to post your auction. Simply click "Create Auction" at the top right of your dashboard. You will list your auction anywhere from 7-14 days prior to the end date (date/time on lien notice sent to tenant). You are able to upload six photos at a time. We do recommend snapping at least one photo of the unit as a whole. Once you have completed filling out the auction template and uploading photos, please be sure to double check all information before clicking the "Post Auction" icon. We do give storage operators a one time opportunity to edit a running auction from their dashboard. Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department for support.

III. Auctions Can be Canceled

As the seller, you have the right to cancel the auction at any time.

If the auction has closed with a winning buyer and your tenant cures their account before the buyer pays the "amount due" we ask that you first notify the winning buyer that the unit is no longer available and then contact our Customer Service Department to have the invoice and auction canceled and the winning buyer refunded.

IV. Sold!

At the close of the auction you will receive an invoice via email, this invoice is also viewable from your dashboard by clicking the "Invoices" tab and then the dollar symbol to the right. The invoice will provide the winning buyers contact information and the amount due at facility. Winning buyer's have 24 hours to contact the storage operator, if they fail to do so please contact our Customer Service Department for assistance.

V. Completion of Sale

We encourage that all winning buyers contact the storage operator before arriving at property to make arrangements for pickup. Once the winning buyer has arrived you will collect the Amount Due + Cleaning Deposit, walk them to the unit and remove the over-lock and ensure the unit has not been tampered with. If the winning buyer fails clean the unit out entirely, within the stated clean out period, they forfeit the cleaning deposit.

Please visit our “Seller FAQs” page to see more information.

Our Customer Service Department can be reached at 480-900-8350 or by visiting our Contact Us page.

Date: 10-09-2017