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Welcome to Self Storage Auction. We offer the best technology to bid on storage unit auctions from any wi-fi enabled device. It's easy to register and our membership is free. Once you're registered, you can bid on storage unit auctions near you.

How to Bid on Storage Unit Auctions -
A Step by Step Guide

I.  Create Your Account - Register to Bid

You can view online storage auctions without registering, but to place a bid on an online auction you’ll need to create an account with us.

II.  Choose a Membership

We offer two membership options:

1.  Standard Bidder's Membership. When you win an auction, you will be required to pay a standard 15% premium. This membership is free.

2.  Executive Bidder Membership only pay $59.95/month and NO BUYER PREMIUM for ALL auctions you win in a month! You can always cancel and upgrade at any time, just call our customer service line!! 

III.  Find Online or Live Storage Auctions

Search for storage auctions by zip code, distance, keyword, or facility. Please remember you will need to pick up the unit contents at the facility within the designated clean-out time if you win an online auction. Live auction postings will provide the date, time and location of the live auction.

IV.  Bid on an Online Storage Auction

The bids are placed in $10 increments. You can place a Max Bid and allow the system to bid in your place. To place a Max Bid erase the current bid amount on the "My Bid" box and enter the amount you would like as your Max Bid.

Max Bids allow the system to raise your bid in $10 increments as needed to keep you the highest bidder, until your maximum bid amount is reached. If you're the winner, you'll have 48 or 72 hours (depending on the facility) to pay for and pick up the unit. You'll need to bring cash for the bid amount, cleaning deposit, and sales tax (if applicable). You will pay those charges directly to the storage facility.

Please be aware of the full costs and policies before bidding.

You must be 18 years or older to bid. All sales of storage units are final.

V.  Auctions Can Be Canceled

The facility has the right to cancel the auction at any time. If the delinquent tenant pays the lien amount due to the facility,the auction will be cancelled immediately and you will be notified of the cancellation and our refund policy. Also, if the auction is posted with incorrect information, it will be cancelled and re-posted correctly.

VI.  Sold!

After you win, we'll charge your credit card a 15% buyer premium, or nothing for Executive members, depending on your Membership type, which is our fee for providing this service. Depending on the Facility, a 10% deposit will also be charged to your credit card, and then be deducted from your total due at the facility.
Legally, the tenant has the right to pay their lien amount due at the facility up until the moment the winning bidder pays for the unit in full. Hurry in after winning!

VII.  Pick Up Time

Call the storage facility and let them know when you're coming in to pick-up. Bring a suitable truck or trailer if needed and a pair of gloves! Make sure the unit is cleared out and no trash is left behind. If you need more time or can’t pick up the unit, please contact us or the facility manager immediately.

Please visit our “Buyer’s FAQs” page to see other common questions and topics.

If you still have additional questions, please contact us at 480-900-8350 or by visiting our Contact Us page.

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Date: 10-09-2017